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Individual Poets

ALABAU, Magali (b. 1945)

HERMANA/SISTER tr. Anne Twitty, intro. Librada Hernández, Spanish & English texts. Editorial Betania (Madrid) 78pp 1992 paper only.

HERMANA/SISTER tr. Anne Twitty, prol. Librada Hernández, Spanish & English texts. Torre de Papel (Coral Gables FL) [69pp] 1992 paper only.

ARENAS, Reinaldo (1943-1990)

EL CENTRAL - A Cuban Sugar Mill - tr. Anthony Kerrigan, English text [only]. Avon Books (New York) 93pp 1984 paper only.

ARMAND, Octavio (b. 1946)

WITH DUSK tr. Carol Maier, Spanish & English texts. Logbridge-Rhodes (Durango CO) 48pp 1984 (note p.48) paper only.

REFRACTIONS tr. with intro. Carol Maier, English text only. Lumen Books (NY) 232pp (intro. 1-8) 1994 paper only.

BAEZA FLORES, Alberto (1914-1998)

BAQUERO, Gastón (1914-1997)

THE ANGEL OF RAIN tr. Greg Simon, Steven F. White, English text [only]. Eastern Washington University Press (Spokane WA) [.........] 2006 (due).

BARNET, Miguel (b. 1940)

WHEN NIGHT IS DARKEST - Selected Poems - tr. Charles Hatfield, Keith Ellis, Spanish & English texts. Editorial José Martí (Havana) 161pp 2002 [paper only]

BARQUET, Jesús (b. 1953)

NAUFRAGIOS/SHIPWRECKS - Turn of the Century Transactions (1989-1997) - tr. Gilberto Lucero, poet intro. Pío E. Serrano, Spanish & English texts. Puerto de Sol (Las Cruces NM) pp. 43-195 (bil. intro. 46-49) 2001 paper only.

BEJEL, Emilio Felix (b. 1944)

HUELLAS/FOOTPRINTS tr. Marie J. Panico, Spanish & English texts. Ed. Hispámerica (Gaithersburg MD) 121pp 1982 paper only.

BORDAO, Rafael (b. 1951)

THE BOOK ON INTERFERENCES/LIBRO DE LAS INTERFERENCIAS tr. Louis Bourne, Spanish & English texts. Editorial Palmar (NY) 53pp 195 paper only.

BOTI, Regino E. (1878-1958)

KINDRED SPIRIT sel. with pref. Regino Rodríguez Boti, Risell Parra Fontanilles, ed. with intro. Stephen Hart, tr. ed., Federico Bonaddio, Patricia Montenegro, Gwendolen MacKeith, Maria-José Blanco, Tom Boll, & others Spanish & English texts. Mango PUblishing (London) 137pp (bil. intros. 10-21) 2005 paper only.

CAULFIELD, Carlota (b. 1953)

THIRTY-FOURTH STREET - & Other Poems (1982-1984) - tr. Chris Allen, & poet pref. Jack Foley, Spanish & English texts. Ediciones El Gato Tuerto (Oakland CA) 52pp 1987 paper only.

ANGEL DUST/POLVO DE ANGEL/POLVERE D'ANGELO tr. Carol Maier (English), Pietro Civitareale, (Italian), intros. trs. Miguel A. Zapata, (Spanish) Spanish, English & Italian texts. Editorial Betania (Madrid) 63pp (intros. [........]) 1990 paper only.

AT THE PAPER GATES WITH BURNING DESIRE tr. Angela McEwan, Spanish & English texts. Eboly Petry Series (Oakland CA) 101pp (intro. xvii-xix, notes 99-101) 2001 paper only

LIBRO DE LOS XXXIX ESCALONES/BOOK OF THE XXXIX STEPS tr. Angela McEwan, Spanish & English texts. Luz Bilingual Publishing (Tarzana CA) [approx. 40pp] (bil. notes 12pp) 1997 paper only.

FANAIM tr. poet. & Chris Alllen, Spanish & English texts. Ediciones El Gato Tuerto (Oakland CA) 28pp 1984 paper only (Chapbook)

SOMETIMES I CALL MYSELF CHILDHOOD/ A VECES ME LLAMO INFANCIA tr. poet & Chris Allen, Spanish & English texts. Solar (Miami FL.) 26pp 1985 paper only (chapbook).

THE BOOK OF GIULIO CAMILLO/EL LIBRO DE GIULIO CAMILLO/IL LIBRO DI GIULIO CAMILLO tr. Mary G. Berg(Engl.), Pietro Civitareale (Ital.), intro. John Goodby, Spanish, English & Italian texts. Eboli Poetry Series (Oakland CA) 108pp 2003 paper only.

CRUZ VARELA, María Elena (b. 1953)

EL ANGEL AGOTADO/THE EXHAUSTED ANGEL tr. with intro. Uva Clavijo, essay Nicasio Silva, Spanish & English texts. Fundacion Liberal José Marti (Miami FL) 143pp (bil. intro. 9-28, bil. essay 118-143) 1992 paper only.

BALADA DE LA SANGRE/BALLAD OF THE BLOOD tr. with intro. Mairyam Cruz-Bernal, Deborah Digges, Spanish & English texts. Ecco Press (Hopewell NJ) 115pp (intros. ix-xv) 1996 cloth only.

CUADRA, Angel (b. 1931)

POEMAS EN CORRESPONDENCIA (desde prison)/A CORRESPONDENCE OF POEMS (from Jail) tr. Donald D. Walsh, Spanish & English texts. Solar (Washington/Miami) 67pp (poet's bil. letter 6-11) 1979 paper only.

THE POET IN SOCIALIST CUBA ed. Warren Hampton, tr. Warren Hampton, Donald Walsh & others, English text only. University Press of Florida (Gainesville FL) 158pp (intro. & essay 1-50, poetry 51-125, essay 126-158) 1994 cloth only.

CUZE MALÉ, Belkis (b. 1942)

WOMAN ON THE FRONT LINES tr. with intro. Pamela Carmell, Spanish & English texts. Unicorn Press (Greensboro NC) 73pp (intro. i-iv, note p. 73) 1987 paper & cloth.

DIAZ CASTRO, Tania (b. 1939)

EVERYONE WILL HAVE TO LISTEN/TODOS ME VAN A TENER QUE OIR tr. tr. Pablo Medina, & Carolina Hospital, intro. Belkis Cuze Malé, Spanish & English texts. Ediciones Ellas/Linden Lane Press (Princeton NJ) 84pp (intro. ii-vi) 1990 paper only.

DIEGO, Eliseo (1920-1994)

POEMS tr. Kathleen Weaver, Eliseo Diego, Spanish & English texts. Center for Cuban Studies (NY) 94pp 1982 paper only.

AQUI HE VIVIDO/HERE I HAVE LIVED - Edición bilingüe - Luis Rafael, Spanish & English texts. Instituto Cubano del Libro/ Ediciones Especiales (La Habana) 41pp (pref. 7-9, notes etc. 39-42) 2000 paper only.

DURAN, Luis Horacio (b. 19[..])

SONGS OF LOVE AND WIND tr. Diane Russell-Pineda, Spanish & English texts. Editorial Arcas (NY) 219pp (pref. i-iii) 1992 paper only.

FERNANDEZ, Pablo Armando (b. 1930)

LEARNING TO DIE - The poetry of Pablo Armando Fernández - John Brotherton, Spanish & English texts. Editorial José Martí/Instituto Cubano del Libro (Havana) 225pp (intro, ix-xxviii) 1995 paper only

PARABLES/PARABOLAS John Gibson, (mainly) Margaret Randall, Christopher Middleton, Keith Ellis, & others. intro. Margaret Atwood, Spanish & English texts. Mosaic Press (Oakville Ont. & NY) 203pp (bil.prefs. 8pp) 2001 paper only

GONZALEZ-CRUZ, Luis Francisco (b. 1943)

TIRANDO AL BLANCO/SHOOTING GALLERY tr. Luis Francisco Gonzalez-Cruz, Spanish & English texts. Ediciones Universal (Miami FL) 171pp 1975 paper only.

GUILLÉN, Nicolas (1902-1989)

MAN-MAKING WORDS tr. with intro. & notes Robert Marquez, David McMurray, Spanish & English texts. University of Massachusetts Press (Amherst MA) 214pp (intro. ix-xx, notes 193-214) 1972 paper & cloth.

MAN-MAKING WORDS tr. with intro. & notes Robert Marquez, David Arthur McMurray, Spanish & English texts. Editorial de Arte y Literatura (La Habana) 214pp (intro. ix-xx, notes 193-214) 1973 & 1973 (repr.'75) paper only.

PATRIA O MUERTE/THE GREAT ZOO AND OTHER POEMS ed. & tr. Robert Marquez, Spanish & English texts. Monthly Review Press (NY) 223pp (intro. 13-29) 1972 paper & cloth.

TENGO tr. Richard J. Carr, prol. José Antonio Portuondo, English text only. Broadside Press (Detroit) 142pp (intro.9-17) 1974 paper & cloth.

PATRIA O MUERTE/THE GREAT ZOO AND OTHER POEMS ed. & tr. Robert Marquez, Spanish & English texts. Editorial de Arte y Literatura (La Habana) 223pp (intro.13-29) 1975 paper only

THE DAILY DAILY tr. with notes & intro. Vera M. Kutzinski, Spanish & English texts. University of California Press (Berkeley CA) 139pp (intro. v-xxvi) 1989 cloth only.

NEW LOVE POETRY/NUEVA POESIA DE AMOR ed. & tr. with comm. Keith Ellis, Spanish & English texts. University of Toronto Press (Toronto etc.) 159pp (bil.pref. etc.vii-xiv, poetry 5-43, comm.45-143, biblio. & index 145-159) 1994 cloth only.

NICOLAS GUILLEN'S WORLD OF POETRY tr. with pref. & notes Salvador Ortiz-Carbonares, intro. Alastair Hennesy, Spanish & English texts. Centre for Caribbean Studies & Research In Ethnic Relations (University of Warwick UK) 147pp (intros. iii-xiv, notes etc. 139-147) 199[.] paper only.

THE GREAT ZOO - And Other Poems - ed. & tr. Robert Marquez, Spanish & English texts. Editorial José María (Havana) 130pp (intro. 7-9, notes 2pp) 1995 paper only.

MY LAST NAME and Other Poems/ El apellido y otros Poemas ed. Roberto Márquez, tr. ed. Keith Ellis, & others [check] Spanish & English texts. Mango Publishing (London) 398pp 2002 paper [only].

MAN-MAKING WORDS - Selected Poems - tr. with intro. & notes Roberto Marquez & David Arthur McMurray, Spanish & English texts. University of Massachusetts Press (Amherst MA) 217pp (xlviii) 2003 paper [only].

THE GREAT ZOO/EL GRAN ZOO tr. Robert Márquez, Spanish & English texts. Mango Publishing (London) [95pp] 2004 paper only.

YORUBA FROM CUBA - Selected Poems of Nicolas Guillén - tr. with intro. Salvador Ortiz-Carboneres, Spanish & English texts. Peepal Tree Press (Leeds UK) [............] 2005 paper only.

ISLAS, Maya (b. 1947)

MERLA tr. Edgar Soberon, Spanish & English texts. Editorial Betania (Madrid) 112pp 1991 paper only.

KOZER, José (b. 1940)

THE ARK UPON THE NUMBER tr. Ammiel Alcalay, Spanish & English texts. Cross Cultural Communications (Merrick NY) 36pp 1982 paper & cloth.

PROJIMOS/INTIMATES tr. Ammiel Alcalay, Spanish & English texts. Barcelona 1990 [paper only].

STET - Selected Poems of José Kozer - tr. with intro. Mark Weiss, Spanish & English texts. Junction books (San Francisco) [.....] 2005 paper only

LABRA, Carilda Oliver (b. 1922/6)

DUST DISAPPEARS tr. Daniela Gioseffi, Enildo A. García, fore. Gregory Rabassa, Spanish & English texts. Cross Cultural Communications (Merrick NY) 48pp 1995 paper & cloth.

LEZAMA LIMA, José (1910-1976)

JOSE LEZAMA LIMA; SELECTIONS ed. with intro. Ernesto Livon-Grossman, tr. Roberto Tejada, James Irby, G. J. Rackz, & others. Essays, Jose Lezama Lima, Julio Cortazar, Severo Sarduy, English text only. University of California Press (Berkerley CA, Los Angeles & London) 185pp (intros. xi-xlix, prose & essays 99-185) 2005 paper & cloth.

TALLET, José Z. (b. 19[..])

SEMILLA ESTÉRIL/THE STERILE SEED ed. with intro. [...], tr. José Z. Tallet, Spanish & English texts. Cefatex International (Miami FL) 371pp (intro. xiii-xiv, fore. 1-4, bil. notes 353-371) 2005 paper only.

LOYNAZ, Dulce María (1902-1997)

POEMS WITHOUT NAME tr. Harriet de Onís, intro. Pedro Simón, Spanish & English texts. Editorial José Martí (La Habana) 289pp (intro. 11-13) 1993 paper only.

A WOMAN IN HER GARDEN - Selected Poems - ed. & tr. with intro. Judith Kerman, Spanish & English texts. White Pine Press (Buffalo NY) 192pp 2002 paper only.

MESA, Raúl (b. 1943)

ALONE AGAINST THE SEA/SOLO CONTRA EL MAR ed. with pref. Harley D. Oberhelman tr., James Hoggard, Spanish & English texts. York Press Ltd. (Toronto) 53pp (pref.2pp) 1998 paper only.

MOREJON, Nancy (b. 1944)

GRANADA NOTEBOOK/CUADERNO DE GRANADA tr. Lisa Davis, Spanish & English texts. Circulo de Cultura Cubana (NY) 29pp 1984 paper only.

WHERE THE ISLAND SLEEPS LIKE A WING - Selected Poetry - tr. with intro. Kathleen Weaver, pref. Miguel Barnet, Spanish & English texts. Black Scholar Press (San Francisco) 92pp (intros.ix-xvii, notes 90-92) 1985 paper only.

OURS THE EARTH sel. & tr. J. R. Pereira, English text only. Institute Of Caribbean Studies/University of West Indies (Mona, Jamaica) 27pp 1990 paper only.

BLACK WOMAN AND OTHER POEMS/MUJER NEGRA Y OTROS POEMAS tr. with intro. & notes Jean Andrews, Spanish & English texts. Mango Publishing (London) 243pp (intro. 5-11, notes 232-243) 2001 paer only

LOOKING WITHIN/MIRAR ADENTRO - Selected Poems/Poemas Escogidos 1954-2000 - ed. with intro. Juana María Cordones Cook, Gabriel Abudu, David Frye, Rosario Siervert Heather, Katheleen Weaver & others, Spanish & English texts. Wayne State University Press (Detroit) 367pp (bil. intros. 12-63, bil. gl. 354-367) 2003 paper & cloth.

WITH EYES AND SOUL - Images of Cuba - tr. David Frye, English text only. White Pine Press (Buffalo NY) [128pp] 2004 paper only.

MUÑOZ, Elías Miguel (b. 1954)

EN ESTAS TIERRAS/IN THIS LAND tr. Elías Miguel Muñoz, Spanish & English texts. Bilingual Review Press (Tempe AZ) 142pp 1989 paper only.

NUÑEZ, Ana Rosa (b. 1926)

CRISANTEMOS/CHRYSANTHEMUMS tr. Jay H. Leal, intro. John C. Stout, Spanish & English texts. Editorial Betania (Madrid) 77pp (bil. intro. 9-13, index etc. 71-77) 1990 paper only.

PADILLA, Heberto (1932-2000)

SENT OFF THE FIELD tr. with intro. J. M. Cohen, English text only. André Deutsch (London) 127pp (intro. 9-14) 1972 cloth only.

SUBVERSIVE POETRY: THE PADILLA AFFAIR ed. & tr. F. Calzón, & others intro. Laura Perez, Spanish & English texts. Georgetown University Cuban Students Association (Washington DC) 47pp 1972 paper only.

POETRY AND POLITICS - Selected Poems Of Heberto Padilla - tr. Frank Calzón, Laura Xmayo, Maria Luisa Alvarez, Spanish & English texts. Editorial Playor (Madrid) 136pp 1974 paper only.

LEGACIES - Selected Poems - tr. Alastair Reid, Andrew Harvey, English text only. Farrar Giroux Straus (NY) 179pp 1982 paper & cloth.

A FOUNTAIN, A HOUSE OF STONE tr. Alastair Reid, Alexander Coleman, Spanish & English texts. Farrar Straus Giroux (NY) 109pp 1991 paper & cloth.

PARDO, Angel (b. 1942)

ENTRE REJAS DE BONIATO/BEHIND BARS AT BONIATO 1980-1985 tr. Barbara E. Joe, Spanish & English texts. Editorial SIBI (Miami)143pp (bil. intro. 8-11) 1989 paper only.

PITA, Juana Rosa (b. 1939)

SORBOS DE LUZ/SIPS OF LIGHT tr. Mario de Salvatierra, Juana Rosa Pita, Spanish & English texts. Ediciones El Gato Tuerto (New Orleans) 64pp 1990 paper only.

ROBLES, Mireya (b. 1934)

TIEMPO ARTESANO/TIME, THE ARTISAN tr. Angela de Hoyos, Manuel Durán, Spanish & English texts. Dissemination Center For Bilingual Bicultural Education (San Antonio TX) 135pp 1977 paper only.

RODRIGUEZ, Ernesto Díaz (b. 1939)

LA CAMPANA DEL ALBA/THE BELL OF DAWN tr. not named Spanish & English texts. Editorial Playor (Madrid) 91pp (bil.prefs. 8-11) 1989 paper only.

SEA OF MY INFANCY/MAR DE MI INFANCIA tr. Idara Klee, Ernesto Díaz Rodríguez, Spanish & English texts. Linden Lane Press (Princeton NJ) 75pp (bil. pref. ii-v, note 1pp) 1991 paper only

RODRIGUEZ, Reina María (b. 1952)

LA DETENCION DEL TIEMPO/ARRESTED TIME tr. with note Kristin Dykstra, Spanish & English texts. Factory School (San Diego CA) [.........] 2001 paper only.

VIOLET ISLAND AND OTHER POEMS tr.with aft. Kristin Dykstra, Nancy Gates Madsen, Spanish & English texts. Greeen Integer Books (København & Los Angeles) 204pp (aft. etc. 163-204) 2004 paper only.

LA DETENCION DEL TIEMPO/TIME'S ARREST tr.with aft. Kristin Dykstra, essay Roberto Tejada, Spanish & English texts Factory School (San Diego CA) 73pp (afts. & photos 43-73) 2006 paper only.

SALDAÑA, Exicilia (1946-1999)

IN THE VORTEX OF THE CYCLONE - Selected Poems - ed. with intro. & tr. Flora M. González Mandri, Rosamond Rosenmeier, fore. Nancy Morejón, Cintio Vitier, Spanish & English texts. University Press of florida (Gainsville FL) 125pp (prefs. viii-xvii, intro. 1-8, aft. & notes etc. 116-125) 2002 cloth only.

SANCHEZ-BOUDY, José (b. 1927)

CUBA AND HER POETS - The Poems Of José Sánchez-Boudy - sel. & tr. Woodrow W. Moore, Spanish & English texts. Ediciones Universal (Miami) 56pp (prol. 9-10) 1974 paper only.

AFRO-CUBAN POETRY/DE OSHUN A YEMAYA ed. with intro. & notes & tr. Claudio Freixas, Spanish & English texts. Ediciones Universal (Miami) 67pp (bil. intros. 8-30) 1978 paper only.

SARDUY, Pedro Pérez (b. 1943)

CUMBITE - And Other Poems - tr. Jean Stubbs & others., Spanish & English texts. Center For Cuban Studies (NY) 81pp (bil. pref. i-ii) 1990 paper only.

VALLS, Jorge (b. 1933)

DONDE ESTOY NO HAY LUZ Y ESTA ENREJADO/WHERE I AM THERE IS NO LIGHT AND IT IS BARRED/OU JE SUIS IL N'Y A PAS DE LUMIERE MAIS UN GRILLAGE tr. (English) James E. Maraniss, Emilio E. Labrada, ed. Louis Bourne, Spanish, English & French texts. Editorial Playor (Madrid) 46pp (tril. intros. 9-13) 1984 paper only.

VELEZ-ROMAN, Lydia (b. 19[..])

OSADIA DE LOS SOLES TRUNCOS/DARING OF THE BRIEF SUNS tr. Angela McEwan, Spanish & English texts. Editorial Betania (Madrid) 1990 paper only.

ZALDIVAR, Gladys (b. 1937)

FABULACION DE ENEAS/THE KEEPER OF THE FLAME tr. Elias L. Rivers, Spanish & English texts. Ediciones Universal/Colección Vortex (Miami) 67pp (notes 63-67) 1979 paper only.


CUBAN POETRY 1959-1966 ed. Claudia Beck, Sylvia Carranza, tr. eds., Rogelio Llopes, Angela Boyer, Frank R, Hardy, & others. Spanish & English texts. Book Institute (Havana) 785pp (fore. 5-6) 1967 cloth only.

POESIA CUBANA MODERNA/NEW CUBAN POETRY Sergio Mondragón, Margaret Randall, tr. Tim Reynolds, Stephen Schwartz, David Ossman, Carl Hagen, ed. & others. Spanish & English texts. El Corno Emplumado/The Plumed Horn (Mexico City)180pp (aft. letters etc. 132-180) 1967 paper only.

SOME MODERN CUBAN POEMS tr. Manish Nandy, English text only. Dialogue Publications (Calcutta) 16pp 1968 paper & cloth.

CON CUBA - An Anthology of Cuban Poetry Of The Last Sixty Years - ed. Nathaniel Tarn, tr. ed. (mostly), Tom Raworth, Donald Gardner, Adrian Mitchell, Anthony Kerrigan, & others. English text only. Cape Goliard (London) 142pp (note 1pp, sources 141-142) 1969 paper & cloth.

SOMOS/WE ARE - Five Contemporary Cuban Poets - ed. Anita Whitney, tr. ed. (mainly) Spanish & English texts. Times Change Press (NY) 47pp 1970 paper only (stapled).

POEMS FROM CUBA - An Anthology Of Recent Cuban Poetry - sel. & tr. J. R. Pereira, Spanish & English texts. Research & Publications Committee/ University Of West Indies (Kingston Jamaica) 150pp (intro. 7-10, gl.etc. 146-150) 1977 paper only.

ESTOS CANTOS HABITADOS/THESE LIVING SONGS tr. with intro. Margaret Randell, Spanish & English texts. Colorado State Review Press (USA) 143pp (intro. i-xxiii) 1978 paper only.

BREAKING THE SILENCES - Twentieth Century Poetry By Cuban Women - ed. & tr. Margaret Randall, Spanish & English texts. Pulp Press (Vancouver) 293pp (intro. 1-32) 1982 paper only.

CUBAN AMERICAN WRITERS: LOS ATREVIDOS ed. with intro. Carolina Hospital, vr.trs. English texts. Ediciones Ellas/Linden Lane Press (Princeton NJ) 169pp 1988 paper only.

CINCO POETAS CUBANAS EN NUEVA YORK/FIVE CUBAN WOMEN POETS IN NEW YORK ed. Felipe Lázero, tr. poets & others. prol. Perla Rosencvaig, Spanish & English texts. Editorial Betania (Madrid) 121pp (bil. prol. 7-18) 1991 paper only.

BRIDGES TO CUBA/PUENTES A CUBA ed. Ruth Behar, tr. ed., David Frye, & others. English text only. University Of Michigan Press (Ann Arbor MI) 421pp (intro. 1-18, note 417-421) 1995 paper & cloth.

ON THE SHOULDER OF MARTI - Cuban Literature of the Angolan War - text & tr. Don Burness, Spanish & English texts of poetry. Three Continents Press (Colorado Springs CO) 203pp (intro. 3-9, biblio. etc.187-203) paper & cloth.

A CENTURY OF CUBAN WRITERS IN FLORIDA - Selected Prose And Poetry - ed. with intro. Carolina Hospital, Jorge Cantera, vr.trs. English text only. Pineapple Press (Sarasota FL) 238pp (pref.xiii-xvi, intro.1-28, notes 235-8) 1996 paper only.

WEB OF MEMORIES - Interviews with Five Women Poets - ed. with intro. Carlota Caufield, vr. trs. English text only Eboly Poetry Series (Hot Springs AR) 81pp (biblio. 73-81) 1997 paper only.

THE ISLAND ODYSSEY 2001 - Contemporary Cuban Poets - ed. Kathleene West, Jesús J. Barquet, tr. eds., Beth Pollack, Gilberto Lucero, & others. Spanish & English texts. Puerto de Sol (Las Cruces NM) 179pp (fore, 3-4, poetry 6-115, notes 116-120, other material 123-177) 2002 paper only.

THE REVOLUTION IN CUBAN POETRY 1944 - To The Present - ed. Mark Weiss, Spanish & English texts

CUBA INSDE/OUT Descant (Toronto) 2006 paper only. Special issue of Descant 134 with poetry, prose & essays. Incl. '14 Poets of Matan- zas.'

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